The FOBOX (Four Oceans Box) is a simple innovative water sports business in a box.  Click below to go on a journey to discover the possibilities. 

FOUR OCEANS is a Water sports company headquartered in Hawaii, but also operating globally. There are several core activities we engage in; Stand up paddle,  Kayak, Surf, Yoga, and Fitness. We always have our creative hat on, coming up with new innovations to enjoy the waterways of the world.  For activities in Hawaii or else where, we have adventure for you, with great people. Don't forget to: 

#Live inside the postcard

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 6.19.14 PM.png


Where FOUR OCEANS meets BEACH PARK, this is our COllaborating LABoratory...Enjoy. FO I BCH PRK

Can you find our new collaborative towel in the photos below, oh and enjoy the photos too? 

We are inspired by the same spirit that compelled the great navigators of history. They weren’t satisfied with tales of far off lands, so they went out and found them. We don’t settle for postcards, we make our own!
— Four Oceans Manifesto

Four oceans BOARDS






Four oceans boards were made with you in mind. the perfect marriage of feasibility, form, and functionality. Patterned after the harmony found where the ocean meets the beach.