What do Steph Curry and a FO Box have in common?

Over 1 Million hours are spent each month by people around the world watching YouTube videos of Stephen Curry, the NBA’s current MVP and the star of the Golden State Warriors (wish we could have added current world champ to that stat line, sorry DubNation).  This officially makes Steph the most watched Athlete in the world!


So how does a 28 year old 6 foot 3, pretty athletic, and very polite guy eclipse the god-like monster athletes, egos, and persona's from every other sport around the world?

If you are not a basketball fan and are asking where this is all going, hang in there, this is where SUP is about to come in to play. 

Steph is not the best athlete in the world. He can't jump the highest, run the fastest, or tweet like a Kardashian. What he is though is relatable, understandable, exciting, and inspiring. 

The Outdoor Foundation in 2013 released a report that "SUP has the most first-time participants of any sport in the USA". From here the sport has continued its climb in to the global spotlight.  The sport has established itself as a lasting sport. Why?

Just like Steph, markets and users can relate and connect with Paddle Boarding. Let's face it, most of us are not 6 foot 10 with 45 inch verticals and most of us will never wake up in our multi-million dollar Hawaiian beach front home to drop in on a 45 foot bomb at Waimea Bay. But, we can all enjoy the open water, paddling, and catching waves on a stable and functional Four Oceans board. Just as Steph is proving, we can all excel in sport. 

The sport is continuing to evolve and adapt with it's users. While the median age of users is 28 its appeal is capturing all ages and is expanding to all bodies of water from oceans to seas to lakes to pools to rivers, and even dry-land applications.

There has never been a better time to be involved in the business of SUP. But, isn't starting a business for superstars? I mean, how would you source the boards, get a location, set up accounting, work payroll, carry inventory, develop policies and procedures, etc.? Don't worry Steph Curry, Four Oceans has you covered with the FO Box. 

Steph in his own words, "I'm 6-3 and 185 pounds on a good day, so I probably relate more to the casual fan who watches the game and is not super athletic, not this crazy monster of physical stature... maybe a lot of people are out there thinking, 'Look at how he's out there playing. I can do the same thing'."

Likewise, the FO Box is a simple all-inclusive business in a box. Literally. The FO Box is a self-contained retail/rental location that comes with all the boards, gear, swag, systems, protocols, processes, and even power you need to run a successful SUP business. All you need a location and a passion. You can do the same thing!

We encourage you to get off the sidelines and become your own MVP.  Visit our Indigogo campagin to learn how you can catch the wave and start your own SUP company this summer!