Paddle With Dolphins

Always wanted to paddle with dolphins? Our recent excursion got to!

Look how happy everyone was after paddling with dolphins!

Look how happy everyone was after paddling with dolphins!

What do you think of when you think of paradise? Sun. Beaches. Waves.

Paddling with dolphins? Well, maybe you should!

One of our recent excursion groups got the awesome opportunity to paddle with dolphins in Hawaii. How cool is that?!?

As they were calmly paddling out of the cove and further out to sea, someone yelled something excitedly. We could not tell what they had said, but once we turned our heads to see where they were pointing, it was pretty easy to guess what they might have been yelling about.

There was a huge group of dolphins playfully swimming along beside our group. There must have been between 10-50 dolphins! (it was a bit tough to tell as they were moving around so much...) 

Check out the video below!

We definitely cannot guarantee dolphins on every excursion.... No matter how much we wish we could... But you never know unless you try it!