Cultured Company: How creating the optimal ecosystem can lift us all.


What made the United States of America in its infancy the perfect eco-system for prosperity, growth and happiness? What gave it such great potential? Why was America a land of dreams and opportunity? More importantly, how can we replicate it? How can we go back to move forward?

Well among many things there was minimal bureaucracy, less restrictions, and endless land.

We are now fenced in, corralled and restricted. The ecosystem is unsustainable for the sanity and proper growth of humankind.

Land was the last pathway to freedom. Or was it? I still daydream of the days of staking a claim and fencing off a section of land. “This is my land, my destiny.” — Joseph Donnelly (Played by Tom Cruise) in the movie Far and Away… Those were the days…

Now we are fenced in, implying we can not expand, or only on the terms of others.

Schools have ceilings and directives, jobs have levels that are kept in check, governments invoke limits and restrictions beyond what we feel are necessary.

Can we create companies with ecosystems that mimic the embers that ignited this free nation? To culture human potential?

Humans have not limits

You either build a roof above yourself or you fly free.

But do you really feel it’s your choice when locked into a broken system?

Sometimes we need to start by creating a skylight.

Take time each day to dream. Remember where wishing gets you, don’t confuse this with real dreams. Then sketch out a new future for yourself and take steps to get there now. Sketch it out, plan it out, make the long and short term goals, do the research, get out of your comfort zone, meet the right people, and be yourself; genuine and authentic.

As a commitment is fully made to change yourself, your situation, and your vocation if necessary, you can then design your life.

People yearn for freedom, but either sabotage themselves with doubt or fear or both.

The ecosystems have been broken, but we are not! We have the power to change them.

“Human potential is the Last frontier.”

- Art Norins.

People are the frontier worth our greatest effort. Once all ships are raised we can move on to the next great evolution; a form of global actualization.

Small business is the lifeblood of the country, so it may seem that businesses could be one of the last places we can create these environments for individuals to raise their potential. Avoid the trap of closed mindedness, and escape the world that seems to be good at telling us our place in life.

We are creating a company — a group of companies — that have the same principles as the founding fathers at the birth of this great nation.

We will help lift people out of the dust of mediocrity and onto the path of purpose and fulfillment.

The ecosystem where there is no borders, no fences, no ceilings, no limitations, no restrictions that control us and attempt to lessen the light within us. Only pure governing principles that are universal and binding, that empower people to become their best selves.

“The pinnacle of human achievement is to fulfill the capacity of what you feel you can fulfill.”

- Sir Ken Robinson

We are all leaders and creators.

Every person has a unique creative genius. The adventure is to unlock it and set it a blaze on the world.

“We create creators. It is the greatest adventure.”

- Known*

We don’t offer self help books, we don’t do seminars, we do business in the trenches, where you are. We get involved in helping people make the shift to their desired station. We invest in human potential in the most practical way.

For we believe by helping release your potential all humankind will be raised to a higher level, the faster we can do that, the faster we solve the bigger problems of the world.

But first you must face yourself, look into the mirror, the…

Mirror to the World

The mirror to the world is ever before us,

Reflecting the inner convictions of our heart,

Abiding faith or cowering fear.

We see what we want to see,

The distressed black clouds or

The glimmer of day on the horizon.

The harshest of winds or

The sail ready to harness them.

Ever reflecting what we see,

What we believe, and who we are.

For we are what we believe we are.

Liberty then lies in trust of an unknown truth,

That we are greater, brighter,

And filled with an immense light.

Of which reflects forever,

From the mirror to our eyes and back again,

Resolute, undaunted, and pure.

Once fixed, and commitment sure,

we will prevail and share that glow

That illuminates all who believe.

- Known*

We hone the potential of each individual that believes they have more to create, more to give, more to serve, and more to become. We are creating ecosystems that will help accelerate the light you shine, and the good your companies can do.

Time to recreate these ecosystems — the prime environment for optimal growth — first in our soul and mind, then in our businesses, communities, organizations, schools, and hopefully and eventually in our governments and the global family.

“Purpose spurs passion which fans the sparks that light the fires that fuel change.”

-Sir Richard Branson

Most nations including our own have been in some ways corrupted over the years, but is recoverable, the land has been taken, but is still available from time to time. Schools are broken, but trying to adapt, government controls too much, but their are signs of hope.

But people, they are unlimited, untainted, changeable, only broken from their own choices and lack of belief in themselves.

We can blame the system, we can rage against the machine, or we can dig deeper then ever before and recreate ecosystems that will make us all rise higher, and live a more balanced, fulfilled, and happy life.

“To the individual, character is the destiny.

To the organization, culture is the destiny.”

- Tony Hsieh

“Cultured Companies = SuperHuman Character.

SuperHuman Character = Cultured Companies.”

- Ocean Land Sky


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  • * “Known” — My trademark for my quotes. As long as I know I wrote it, it can stay knownanonymous ..the world can take use it, cut it up and make it better.

  • Writing — From my head and my heart, my experience, my research, and from the yearnings of my soul, and agonizing over these concepts of life for years and years.

Do what you want to Become... you are one in a billion.

Photo: Spiral jetty — Greg Rakozy

Photo: Spiral jetty — Greg Rakozy

To want or realize. To say or do. To wish or dream. To be or become. What’s the difference?

Have you ever wished upon a star? We do it all the time… I once did, but soon realized my magical star was no more than a satellite high above the Earth. Whoops.

I sat there thinking of the irony of that moment; that we at times look for inspiration in the sky, yet miss the mark, landing on a not-so-fixed satellite. Wishes are as fleeting as those satellites shooting across the night sky.

Whether it was a satellite or star, a wish almost implies that you’re not willing to do what is actually required to manifest it in your life.

“Great Minds have purposes; others have wishes.”

-Washington Irving

“Wishing is a shallow well full of misplaced pennies. Pennies, if properly allocated and coupled with intelligent preparation and work, could have, just maybe, planted a dream.

Dreams are where it all begins. They are the seedlings of great accomplishments, yet they fail to grow to maturity, unless fastened to action and planted in the rich, limitless soil of imagination.

As you let it grow, they burst from every manufactured defect in the iron-clad blanket of security and comfort.

As the openings stretch larger, beams of confidence stream forth; choking out the weeds of doubt and despair.

Just as confidence fuels your dreams, ‘what if’s’ and ‘I’ll do it laters’ are the poison that can kill them. Calculated risk is the water, and far beyond your comfort zone is the sunlight.

If consistently nourished, each who sow shall hide no more. Eyes of gratitude behold the infinite wonder of the fruit, of which are purpose and potential.

Oh, how glorious the destiny of humankind, if only it was obtained more oft than not.”


So stop wishing and start dreaming; and then leap out into the unknown and turn those dreams into action.

My family creed sums it up concisely …

“Do what you want to become.”

- Olsen Creed

And I have led my life by this, and led our company in a very similar way.

“Live Inside The Postcard” is one of my company’s mottos;

Rather than talk about the amazing things in life that you would like to experience or achieve, do them! Become them! Don’t just exist, ‘Be The Bear,’let out that passion and potential and unleash the real you.

Take that picture-perfect life you have always wanted and live inside it.

Invest your pennies in your imagination, in your dreams, take courage, and act.

Don’t wish your world away. Live life full and Become.

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  • Picture — From Unsplash. Where else? Thanks to the photographer, Greg Rakozy, for inspiring us all.

  • Writing — From my head and my heart, my experience, and from the yearnings of my soul, and agonizing over these concepts of life for years and years.

  • * Passages credited “Known” — My trademark for my quotes, poems, and other ramblings. As long as I know I wrote it, it can stay knownanonymous …the world can take it, use it, cut it up and make it better.

  • “Be The Bear” quote from Buckley Smith. Editor of our outdoor lifestyle company, Blakiston and Company.