The Four Oceans are the lifeblood of the planet, their constant motion brings life to our planet, to the profoundest depths and to the endless horizons. Encompassing this third rock from the sun, they connect all humanity and speak a language that is best understood by the soul.

Anciently, the Four Oceans were navigated by pioneering wayfarers who were searching for a new way; a way that many thought did not exist. While a spirit of adventure accompanied them in their navigation, it was their purpose and passion that compelled them onward in spite of great peril.

At Four Oceans we share this same passion and purpose. It is what drives us in all our adventures. We are always looking for a better way . The great marine explorers of history were not content with tales of far of lands, or ideas about a better way to traverse the globe, they went out and pursued it for themselves, hoping, and believing it could be done.

We think personal discovery is essential to a vibrant life, which is why we will always preach to:


... The great expeditions of history were not pleasure cruises, undertaken on a whim. They were required detailed planning, preparation, and financing. They demanded the right vessel, one that was built for the task. One that would inspire the hearts of those it carried.

We too, with that same dedication and resolve methodically meet the technical requirements demanded of our vessels. We are also passionate in crafting it to inspire the next generation of wayfarers.

As you explore the waterways of the world, we implore...

REdiscover UNcharted Waters