Moulton BOARD

In memory of the late Heber Moulton.  This board was inspired by him and actually was conceptualized by him too. It is dedicated to open ocean and spear fishing. I know he would have loved it and made some incredible memories on it. He was a good friend and one of the most adventurous persons I ever knew.

He loved life, every little bit of it, and he could find enjoyment in the smallest of things. The Ocean and the Jungle were his backyard, and he passed away doing the thing he loved. While free diving a wreck off the west coast of Oahu, Hawaii, he drowned. They say it was shallow water black out, but he went alone that day so no one really knows. 

- Michael Olsen Founder FO 

This is one of many dive videos he shot.

What if we invented a mouth piece that could convert the oxygen in the ocean, so we could breath underwater... we would call it ‘The Fish’. Then we could stay down as long as we want.
— Heber Moulton

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10% of profits are invested into awareness campaigns, education, and technology for adventure safety. 

Taken by Heber. 

Taken by Heber.